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“Dying for the Gospel is not the challenge; it is living for the Gospel that kills me .” Dr. Kenneth Rooks
I Care Enough is a church planting organization first and foremost. Every aspect of this ministry is based on the great commission. If you are tired of the same old traditional mission stuff and if you are ready to get radical for Christ, I Care Enough is for you.

I remember the pure shock when I first learned there were billions of people who have not heard a clear presentation of the gospel. Not because they refuse to hear the message, it’s because they do not have access to the gospel.

In 1985, I was a young convert I could not understand how we the believers could just have church as usual, focus so much on ourselves and do nothing while 65 people die each day and never hear the gospel. I keep thinking what a selfish testimony and what must God think of the American believer’s actions. That is when making the gospel accessible to the billions of lost souls in the 10/40 became the driving force in my life.

Unfortunately, many Christians are not eager to go to this part of the world. Only three percent of missionaries are serving among unreached peoples; the other ninety-seven percent remain in areas where the gospel is readily accessible. In the region we serve every minute 102 people die and out of those, 65 people have never heard the name of Jesus Christ or His teachings

Therefore, I C E has quite a task in preparing such leaders to face the new challenge, to clearly and unashamedly introduce Christ as savior to individuals and communities .To follow Christ and His teaching as the solution to community harmony, eradication of poverty and other social evils of the world through the method of planting biblical based churches. In this historical point in time there is a great need for leadership who think biblically, disciple/mentor many, create a drive with a vision and will positively reach the nations with the Gospel.
Though the needs are both urgent and desperate , only 5¢ out of every $100  spent globally on missions  is directed toward the 10/40 Window. That's 0.0005% of all missions money designated to bring the Gospel to 66% of the world's population!

To reach those that do not have access we must enlist our best and give our best to task before us. Failure is simply not an option because it comes at too great a price, millions of lost souls. To be successful will require a life of preparation, a cause greater than self and a sense of urgency.

 We ask each believer to take time to reflect on the joys of success, the high cost of failure and the deep commitment it will take to accomplish the task before us”

“Send us people with initiative, who can carry themselves and others too; such as need to be carried hamper the work and weaken those who should be spending their strength for the heathen. Weaklings should be nursed at home! If any have jealousy, prides, or tale- bearing traits lurking about them, do not send them, nor any who are prone to criticize. Send only Paul’s and Timothies: men who are full of zeal, holiness and power. All others are hindrances. If you send us ten such men, the work will be done. Quantity is nothing; quality is what matters. “Forward ever; backward, never!” C.T. Studd.” (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)

What you can do is :
1.Pray up: A cord of three strands
Christians worldwide are facing unbelievable persecution. Yet they don’t ask us to pray for their persecution to end. Instead, they ask us to pray that they will have strength to endure—and they ask us to keep coming back to teach and encourage the persecuted, so they may become stronger. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Together, we—you, I Care Enough International ministries, and the persecuted Christians—can boldly shine the light of Jesus in areas of the world that are spiritually dark and unreached.

2. Give up: Give in Addition to Prayer: I had rather face wild Elephants than talk about the need for support. We have some of the greatest supporters in the world at ICE and many of you have partnered with us a long time. Plus I know times are hard so please know that I appreciate every penny. As most of you know all of our teachers/ missionaries including myself have jobs and pay their own expenses when we go to different countries. Everyone also helps pay for the needs above. 

As you pray please keep this in mine, the majority of the church planters and students are young in the Lord, proven faithful, not in this for the money and they face things that make the angels cry. Many of them are out in the villages with their family and a few believers. They struggle spiritually, physically and financially but keep pressing forward.
I  cannot begin to imagine how hard it would be stand under those situations. But I know that if it was me and my family and we had a chance to get  good food, rest, material we could understand and fellowship with other persecuted believers it would make those days of suffering a lot easier.  I think this is what Paul is saying in Galatians 6:2 “, Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  We need to pray for them but also help them if possible..The bacis needs of life weighs . when they know militias religious leaders and police are after them also weighs on them .

 3. Pack up:  Pack your bag and go back to school,sign up for bible courses from our college. Learn how to plant churches in America as well as in the 10/40. Serve as a English teacher, bible teacher or church planter. Get involved personal. talk with other people, their church, Sunday school groups, radio, newspaper and other media out let’s with a goal to  inform others of the great needs. Write a personal note to a persecuted believer.

In order to plant a church in walking distance of each person in the unreached regions we need your help. Make a onetime financial donation or help with a weekly gift, monthly etc. You can make a donation on our website, Just go to the contact / donation page and use the PayPal button. Your donation will be tax deductible. Even better it will let the persecuted  know they are not forgotten

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