Forward ever; backward, never!” C.T. Studd.” (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)

What you can do :

These children are used as pack animals and treated as such.

A missed opportunity for the Great Commission

Communication -Writing/Editing

God is doing so much in the 10/40 with so few workers. Many of our workers serve long days, work part time jobs and take care of their families. Time is always a challenge and so is not having the ability to communicate what God is doing and the needs effectively. 

Wanted:  those with a sense of adventure, to communicate what God is doing in some of the remotest places on earth.

People need to know about the life and ministry of those who serve and are living in the 10/40 window. They need to understand the small, grittiness of it all, as well as all the encouraging stories. They need to know that these are people that have emotions.

Has God given you talents to use video camera? Are you good at making and editing, media materials such as YouTube, DVD clips and sound recordings? 

v Do you have a passion to capture the real story of the persecuted church with words and images? We need people to communicate their story to the world.

v Start a local prayer group for the 10/40.

v Teaching English as a Second Language

v Be a Church Planter, in North America by planting, growing, and multiplying biblically healthy churches through the development of intentional evangelism and outreach ministries.

v Be a church planter in the 10/40 window and plant, self-sustaining, self-propagating, and self-supporting churches.

v Teach health care, business, English and bible classes in the 10/40.

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