Forward ever; backward, never!” C.T. Studd.” (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)


Those who serve with ICE understand, there’s nothing short about biblical short-term missionaries:

There is little argument that I Care Enough short-term missionaries and national church planters are among the best trained and prepared as any in the world.

Church planting or following the great commission is not something you do twice a year then return home and forget it. The great commission is a life style it is who we are as believers. It is ordering your life around the Great Commission. By serving periodically, training and equipping others on the front lines.  In truth, many see the miseries and needs in the 10/40 window but do not comprehend the answer is the church or a body of believers. 

To be an effective church planter one must be willing to build their life around this priority, church planting and give their life if necessary. 

 If we fail to realize the great commission is basically God’s plan is to increase His kingdom through church planting, we will never realize the most urgent and important business in the world is the great commission or church planting.

In contrast, the New Testament believer’s entire focus was the great commission. This was winning the lost, discipleship, evangelizing, planting new churches, and equipping new leaders

To be pastors and church planters! This was their world, their agenda. What we would call radical today would be call normal then.

Knowing our missionaries will serve in some of the hardest places one earth we have enlisted the help of our national leaders to developed a training program that is stringent, designed to prepare believers spiritually, culturally, and theologically. 

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