Forward ever; backward, never!” C.T. Studd.” (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)

Associate degree in CP

                                   Associate degree in Church Planting (AACP)

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It is my privilege to introduce to you a cutting edge Church Planting degree .This is a specialized degree program offered by Riverbend International Christian College This degree draws from 25 years of experience planting churches in America and the 10/40 window.

This degree was created for individuals who want to learn more about the great commission and church planting both in America and Internationally. Students who complete this course of study will be equipped to plant churches in various countries to which God calls them.

The Associate degree of church planting consists of 60 hours or 20 courses and the student is given 24 months to complete the degree.

Once a student is enrolled they will receive courses on line, assigned a teacher, and invited to attend free workshops when provided.

A student may choose on the field training. This is done by serving on the field two consecutive months per year for two years. Students will receive practical experience in church planting through experiential learning. A student my serve shorter periods of time on the field and receive credit toward the AACP degree.

Registration fee: 50 dollars.

 Text books: 100.00 dollars.

You will study the blue print that Christ gave to his followers known as the great commission. The mission journeys of Paul, the early church and the traditional church models. The course will introduce you to the beginning and future events of the world as described in the books of Genesis, Daniel and Revelation.

Study material:  Four fields, Church History, Hermeneutics, Church Planter.

International graduation: You may also choose to graduate with one of our International classes. The fee will depend on the country.

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